Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A New Member of Our Family

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One of our friends is the proud owner of a  poodle (female)and a teddy bear (male). On April 1, 2016 the pair gave birth to five puppies. The owner is willing to give away four of them. Our daughter enquired from us whether we could keep a toy poodle. As we do not have the experience of up-keeping a dog, we hesitate for a while and finally we decided to add a new member to our family. We made the right choice to adopt the cute animal. It is a bundle of joy though we have to keep up with his poo and urine around the house.

We let the tiny baby be with the mother for two months to feed on her milk.  Our  pet poodle is call Peanut and it arrived at our home on June  2, 2016.  

Every day we are busy preparing meals and fresh water for him. We cuddle him day and night. His diet consists of  dog biscuits. We soak the biscuits with warm water to soften it before feeding Peanut. We feed him three times a day.

You can see his cosy bed because we treat him like a baby. Now he is almost three months’ old and he likes to play with his toys especially biting the toy duck.
We are excited and delighted  to have him and we will look after him with tender care. Our next job is to train him to do basic things like sitting down.

You can see the proud and pretty owner Lavinia with Peanut.   
Lavinia and Peanut the Poodle

Final thought:

A dog depends on you and it is your duty and responsibility to look after it

The story of his life will continue in the next blog post

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