Friday, August 26, 2016

Life with Peanut

I am well-dressed

Peanut, as a new member of the family, means additional activities in the house.

Every day we provide five meals for him at regular intervals. Clean water is provided throughout the day. We  have to look for his faeces and urine around  the house and clean up the place daily. As instructed by the vet we send him for vaccination and deworming according to schedule. He is provided with toys to chew and  a bed to sleep in. We bathe him and trim his nails.

Recently after a bath his ears were inflamed. We sent him to the vet for examination and was given ear drops to apply. We have to be careful not to let water get into his ears.

With peanut around  we also find more happiness in the house.      

We talk to him like talking to a a small baby, Peanut may not be able to talk but he understands
well. Peanut also likes to go for a joy ride in our car. He is fascinated by the views along the way.

Every day when  I go to work he will be at the door to see me driving off. When I come back he is at the door to greet me. It is heart-warming for me and I must say life is better with a dog at home.   

Owning a dog is just like looking after an infant. It’s  joyful and delightful  but you have to take good care of him so that he can be healthy, happy and energetic while growing up     

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